Food from Tas’Mania Ltd launches in Hong Kong

  • Food from Tas’Mania Ltd launches in Hong Kong
  • Food from Tas’Mania Ltd launches in Hong Kong

Tasmania is home to the world’s richest soils, freshest air and cleanest waters

Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings MP, will officially launch Tas’Mania today at the Dragon Seal Restaurant, 101 ICC, Hong Kong. Tas’Mania delivers premium produce direct from Tasmania, the southern tip of Australia where the freshest, most nutritious food is found. From 21 September 2012 quality seasonal vegetables; tree ripened fruit; apple and vegetable juices; bush honey and smoked seafood will be available through the site www.tasmaniafresh.com. Oysters, scallops, lobster, abalone and sea urchin will be added soon as well as truffles, water and award-winning wine from Frogmore Creek and other cool climate vineyards.

Seasonal premium produce from trusted suppliers across Tasmania

Tas’Mania produce is grown by passionate farmers in rich volcanic soil; seafood from fresh cold pure water; meat from livestock that grazes in the world’s cleanest air and pastures; a climate with long days of sunshine for better ripening and a landscape that is natural. Each and every one of Tas’Mania’s farmers and fishermen, and everyone else in the food chain, are thoroughly checked. To ensure maximum freshness nutrition and taste – the producers harvest on a Wednesday and ship to Hong Kong ready for delivery to homes and businesses every Friday.

Tas’Mania produce is seasonal so what’s available varies week to week and month to month. Depending on the season different varieties of fruit and vegetables can be purchased such as Pink Lady and Lady in the Snow apples; different potatoes, some for mashing, some for salads and some for the best French fries can also be found.

David Meredith, Partner of Tas’Mania said: “As a Tasmanian I am very proud of the passion and integrity our producers dedicate to their craft. And given the concerns of food quality the world over it’s time to share this amazing island’s bounty with Hong Kong. With its proximity, climate and quality produce to me Tasmania is the ‘The Tuscany of Asia’.”

Ordering is easy

Convenient mixed packs of vegetables, fruit and salads perfect for families, couples and singles can be delivered direct* to the door. Prices range from $HK300 for a Sampler and HK$550 for a Family Pack – smaller packs are available too. The easiest way to order is to arrange a standing order to receive a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery. Consumers can also customise orders with additional purchases through the a la carte menu.

Restaurants and supermarkets can set up twice weekly deliveries by placing orders directly through the order hotline +852 81351394 or email sonia@tasmaniafresh.com . Premium restaurant chains are currently able to receive vegetables only but this will be extended soon.

Special gift boxes of Tasmanian cherries will be available for Chinese New Year. Gift vouchers will also be available soon.

Tas’Mania invites everyone to see and taste the difference by ordering through www.tasmaniafresh.com.


*terms & conditions apply.

For more information, obtain photographs or to arrange interviews with Tas’Mania please contact Julie Diamond at CRED Communications (English media) on +852 94971372 or email julie@credcommunications.com and contact Jane Ho (Chinese media) on jane@credcommunications.com or telephone +852 90987280.

About Tas’Mania

Tas’Mania was created 18 months ago by Tasmanians who work with a group of passionate producers who have a ‘mania’ about what they do. The founders first made contact with the producers through Islington Hotel a hotel they own and manage in Hobart, the capital of the State of Tasmania, where their expert chefs create wonderful menus using their own produce. Many friends from Hong Kong visited the Islington and were impressed by the food and drink served so the Tas’Mania team decided to share the spoils of this wonderful temperate land, and the people who provide it, with Asia.

With a genuine ‘gate to plate’ philosophy, buyers are encouraged to visit the farmers and fishermen at the source, talk to them and share their commitment to the best. Contact David Meredith +852 9466 4570 for more information on Tas’Mania.  Website details are www.tasmaniafresh.com.

Sample producers –Miellerie

One of Tas’Mania Fresh producers is Yves Ginat of Miellerie.  Yves studied organic farming in his native France into organic farming before moving into commercial beekeeping in 1998 when he arrived in Tasmania. In November 2005 he launched Miellerie.

As apiarist, Yves nurtures the bee community using organic and biodynamic beekeeping practices to maintain health and harmony from the hive to the jar. Essential to the integrity of Miellerie is the trade practice of cold extraction of the honey from the comb to harness the vitality, aroma, flavour, colour and texture of the delightful nectars from Tasmanian native floras. As the seasons change, Yves continues to explore the floral diversity of this beautiful island, Tasmania. Honey supply by variety vary season to season.
Sample producer – SPROUT

SPROUT Tasmania is a not for profit organisation located in Tasmania. The primary objective of SPROUT Tasmania is to foster relationships between the Tasmanian food and beverage producers, researchers and the community. With the support, assistance and education that Sprout Tasmania can provide to small growers and farmers, and to the broader community (consumers), Tasmania can move towards achieving a higher level of food security – a local food supply that is sustainable, accessible, nutritious and reliable.

SPROUT Tasmania:

• Delivers local sustainable produce directly to Tasmanian homes, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, corporate businesses and accommodation.

• Provides workshops for the community, including  information on composting, vegetable gardening, soil health, winemaking and how to grow, preserve and cook various crops.

• Provides monthly newsletters about sustainable agriculture, research, food recipes, and produce preservation and up and coming workshops.

Sprout’s produce will be available through Tas’Mania in Hong Kong. Director Tony Scherer will be speaking at the launch of Tas’Mania 21 September 2012.


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