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Across all industries, engaging the services of any company for the first time, big or small, can often be a leap of faith. Will their quality be good enough, are they responsible and transparent, will they deliver on time and will there be any hidden charges are the types of consideration usually made but often difficult to ascertain.

It’s no different when selecting a public relations agency and, naturally, here at CRED Communications I am always happy to assure new clients that this is not something they need to be worried about! To prove the point, I’m pleased to announce that CRED Communications has just become a member of the Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong (cPRf).

cPRf is a professional PR organisation that promotes best practice among PR firms in Hong Kong and CRED Communications are one of around 30 members. The Council serves as a voice and as a forum for the Hong Kong public relations consultancy practice and promotes public confidence in our industry.

In addition, I am an affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). CIPR is based in the UK and its mission is to enhance the reputation and understanding of the public relations profession and the professionalism of its members. It does this through the provision of world-class structures for the practice of public relations and I regularly use their resources – webinars, white papers, guidelines and case studies – to stay informed of latest developments and best practices in the PR industry.

All of this helps ensure CRED Communications has the necessary credentials to deliver work of the highest quality. You can trust in us!


By Mandy Queen – Director

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